Dear Mr. President,

Dear president Obama,

When you became president, I was skeptical. Now this should not, nor will it mean anything, because I am a person of no concern to the leader of the western civilization. I am, however, well educated and do not worry quickly. But I do worry now.

I worry about the upcoming presidential election and that mister Donald Trump might actually win the highest earthly position. I would think that you would be slightly worried about this, because you seem genuinely concerned with the welfare of the entire planet instead of only the American issues. So here is my thought.

You will no longer be president, coming next year, so you can take risks that no man can.

Luke 16:1 And he said also unto his disciples, There was a certain rich man, which had a steward; and the same was accused unto him that he had wasted his goods. 2 And he called him, and said unto him, How is it that I hear this of thee? give an account of thy stewardship; for thou mayest be no longer steward. 3 Then the steward said within himself, What shall I do? for my lord taketh away from me the stewardship: I cannot dig; to beg I am ashamed. 4 I am resolved what to do, that, when I am put out of the stewardship, they may receive me into their houses. 5 So he called every one of his lord’s debtors unto him, and said unto the first, How much owest thou unto my lord?
6 And he said, An hundred measures of oil. And he said unto him, Take thy bill, and sit down quickly, and write fifty. 7 Then said he to another, And how much owest thou? And he said, An hundred measures of wheat. And he said unto him, Take thy bill, and write fourscore.
8 And the lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely: for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.

This would mean that you are the steward who will no longer be steward, so you can write away debt for others without harming your own morals. Even clearer, you will do what is right in the eyes of the Lord.
It will mean that, if you do this for the common people, you will have a safe haven for when president Trump will turn day to night and black into white. He will turn evil, because he already is. It is wise to side with the light before the darkness comes.

I hope that you get to read this message and I appreciate your idealism, even though it didn’t work out as planned.

God bless,
Your humble servant,

Rienk Kroese

Ps. I am sorry about my stupid comments on youtube against you. I didn’t realize that you were scandalized so badly.

Drie liederen.

Hallo allemaal!

Een lieve Surinaamse mevrouw heeft ter nagedachtenis en eerbetoon aan Michael Jackson een drie-tal liederen geschreven. Haar naam is Gianwatie Dhanwati Marilyn Bodha. Een van de liederen staat op youtube en is door haarzelf gezongen, “The Flying Bird.” op melodie van “Amazing Graze” en kun je HIER bekijken.

De andere twee liederen zijn in songtekst en zijn getiteld: “Michael, My Sunflower.” op melodie van “Mamma Mia” &  “Lead the World” op melodie van “Heal the World.” Beide songteksten zijn hieronder in PDF vorm te vinden. De rechten voor de tekst behoren haar toen, maar de liederen zijn op melodie van bestaande nummers geschreven en alle rechten daarvan behoren tot de desbetreffende partij.

Klink HIER voor de Songtekst

Verder wou zij graag haar dank en zegening uitspreken over haar moeder, Dhanwati Bodha en Michael Jackson.

Gods zegen.

Kingdom of Heaven

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a man who gets up in the morning, doesn’t lock his door when he goes to work. All day he works in trust in the Lord. He comes home and finds his house cleaned out by thiefs. He fills his house up with the rewards of his work, which is more then he had before.
The kingdom of heaven is like a man who gets up from his bed, locks his door tight and secure and goes off to work in suspicion and fear. He comes home and find his house emptied out by thiefs. He also fills his house with the rewards of his labour, which destroy the walls, even the very foundation of his house. And he has nothing left and starts to wander.
He who trusts on the Lord, the same shall be rewarded and he that trusts in himself, the same shall be destroyed because he is a child of destruction.

Een gedeelte uit ‘getrouwde liefde’

Uit ‘Conjugial Love’ of Getrouwde liefde van Emanuel Swedenborg

I saw through the window as it were a flash of lightning, and presently heard as it were rolling thunder. And as I was wondering whence it was I heard these words from heaven: “There are some not far from you who are reasoning sharply about God and about nature. The vibration of light like lightning and the rumbling of the air like thunder are the correspondences and thence the appearances of the contest and collision of arguments on one side in favor of God and on the other in favor of nature.”
The cause of this spiritual contest was this. There were certain satans in hell who said among themselves, “Would that we might be permitted to speak with the angels of heaven, and we would show conclusively and fully that nature is that which they call God, from whom all things are, and thus that God is only a word unless nature is meant.”
And as the satans with their whole heart and soul believed this, and also longed to speak with the angels of heaven, it was given them to ascend out of the mire and darkness of hell, and to speak with two angels then come down from heaven. They were in the world of spirits, which is intermediate between heaven and hell.
[2] The satans seeing the angels there, quickly ran up to them, and in a furious voice exclaimed, “Are you the angels of heaven with whom it is permitted us to engage in reasoning about God and about nature? You are called wise because you acknowledge God; but O how simple you are! Who sees God? Who understands what God is? Who comprehends that God governs, and can govern, the universe and all and each thing of it? Who, but the common people and the rabble, acknowledges what he does not see and understand? What is more obvious than that nature is all in all? Who sees anything but nature with the eye? Who hears anything but nature with the ear? Who perceives anything but nature by the smell? Who tastes anything but nature with the tongue? Who feels anything but nature by the touch of the hand and of the body? Are not the senses of our body the only witnesses of truth? Who cannot from them swear that a thing is so? Are not your heads in nature? Whence the influx into the thoughts of the head but from her? Take her away, can you think anything?” Besides much other like matter.
[3] Hearing this the angels responded, “You speak in this way because you are merely sensual. All in the hells have the ideas of their thought immersed in the senses of the body, and cannot elevate the minds above them. We therefore excuse you. A life of evil, and thence the belief in what is false, have so closed the interiors of your minds that elevation above things sensual is with you impossible, except in a state removed from the evils of life and the falsities of faith. For a satan equally with an angel can understand truth when he hears it, but he does not retain it, because evil obliterates the truth and brings in falsity. But we perceive that you are now in a state thus removed, and that thus it is possible for you to understand the truth which we speak. Give attention then to what we say.”
And they said, “You were in the natural world, died there, and now you are in the spiritual world. Did you before now know anything about a life after death? Did you not before deny it, and make yourselves equal with beasts? Did you before now know anything about heaven and hell? Or anything about the light and heat of this world? Or about the fact that you are no longer within nature, but above it? For this world and all things pertaining to it are spiritual; and spiritual things are above natural, so that not even the least of nature can flow into this world. But you, because you have believed nature to be a god or a goddess, believe also the light and heat of this world to be the light and heat of the natural world; when in fact it is not so at all, for here natural light is thick darkness and natural heat here is cold. Did you know anything about the sun of this world from which our light and heat proceed? Did you know that this sun is pure love, and the sun of the natural world is pure fire? And that the sun of the world, which is pure fire, is that from which nature exists and subsists? And that the sun of heaven, which is pure love, is that whence life itself, which is love with wisdom, exists and subsists? And thus that nature, which you make a god or goddess, is manifestly dead?
[4] “You can, if a guard is granted you, ascend with us into heaven; and we, if a guard is granted us, can descend with you into hell. And in heaven you will see things magnificent and splendid; but in hell things squalid and unclean. The differences arise from the fact that all in heaven worship God, and all in hell worship nature; and those magnificent and splendid things in the heavens are the correspondences of the affections of good and of truth; and the squalid and unclean things in the hells are correspondences of the lusts of the evil and false. Judge now from these things and those whether God or nature is all in all.”
To this the satans replied, “In the state in which we now are we are able to conclude from what we have heard that it is God; but when the delight of evil takes possession of our minds we see nothing but nature.”
[5] The two angels and the two satans were standing not far from me on the right, so that I saw and heard them.
And lo, I saw many spirits around them, who in the natural world had been celebrated for learning, and I was surprised that these learned men stood now beside the angels, now beside the satans, and that they favored those beside whom they stood. And I was told that their changes of place were changes of their state of mind, favoring now one side now the other; “For they are vertumni. And we will tell you a mystery.
We have looked down upon earth, to those celebrated for learning who have thought according to their own judgment about God and about nature, and we find six hundred out of a thousand in favor of nature, and the rest in favor of God; but they were in favor of God because they had frequently said that nature is from God, not from any understanding, but only from what they had heard; and frequent speech from memory and recollection, though not at the same time from thought and intelligence, induces a sort of faith.”
[6] After this a guard was given the satans and with the two angels they ascended into heaven, and saw magnificent and splendid things. And being then in illustration from the light of heaven there, they acknowledged that there is a God, and that nature is created to subserve the life which is in God and from God; and that nature in itself is dead, and so does nothing of itself, but is actuated by life. Having seen and perceived these things they descended; and as they descended the love of evil returned, and closed their understanding above and opened it beneath. And then there appeared as it were a veil above it, flashing from infernal fire; and the instant their feet touched the earth the ground opened beneath them, and they sank down to their own.
416. After this the two angels, seeing me near, said of me to those standing by, “We know that this man has written about God and about nature; let us hear him.”
And they came and asked that what had been written respecting God and nature might be read to them; and I read therefrom the following:27
“They who believe in Divine operation in the single things of nature can confirm themselves in favor of the Divine by very many things that they see in nature, equally with, yea, better than those who confirm themselves in favor of nature. For those who confirm themselves in favor of the Divine consider the wonders that are visible in the production both of vegetables and animals. In the production of vegetables, how that from a small seed cast into the earth there comes forth a root, by means of the root a stem, and successively branches, leaves, flowers, and fruit, even to new seeds, just as if the seed knew the order of succession or procession by which it is to renew itself. Can any rational man think that the sun which is pure fire knows this? Or that it can put it into its heat and light to effect such things? And that it can form the wonderful things within them and purpose use? A man whose rational is elevated when he sees and contemplates these things cannot but think that they are from him who has infinite wisdom, that is from God. They also who acknowledge the Divine see and think this. But those that do not acknowledge do not see and think this, because they will not, and thus let their rational so far down into the sensual that it derives all its ideas from the light in which the senses of the body are and confirms their fallacies, saying, “Do you not see the sun operating these things by its heat and light? What is that which you do not see? Is it anything?

Why I hate money

Why do you hate money, Rienk?

Why, that’s a very good question! I hate money because it causes all the problems that I can see I the modern world today. Many people may want to argue with me, because of the serious nature of my statement, but it won’t really matter. And it doesn’t matter to me, because I am entitled to my own opinion, just like everybody else. The reasoning behind my hatred is very simple. You see, love is the opposite of self-love. Not of hatred. That’s weird isn’t it? You would say and everyone would agree with you, that love is the opposite of hate. But that’s not true. If you love something you mentally want to touch it and if you hate something, you mentally want to push it away. In both cases you come in contact with the subject. Self-love pulls the subject towards itself in order to consume, destroy and grow itself. In the measure that you love yourself, you do not love someone else. Self-love is stopping you from loving another. A relation, from one being to another always breaks, because one of the two or both, cares more about itself than about the other being. One or both consume more than their portion, because that being thinks that it is entitled to. This goes for everything, from lions eating antelopes, to plants consuming sunlight and humans loving themselves and thereby hurting others. What does this have to do with money, you may wonder. Everybody wants money. Everyone wants the one exchange object, that can be traded universally. Money can buy you anything, from cars to friends to sunlight, if you go on a holiday. It is the material equivalent of love and freedom. Or so it would seem. It is because of self-love and freedom for yourself that there is love for money. People love money. In all of its forms. Beit cash, digital, plastic or an implanted chip. People love it and the love for money will forever compete with the love for each other. The love for money is an actual link to the love for the self. Let’s explore this train of thought more thoroughly.

The love for money.

The love for money is not actually the love for money, but a want (not a need) for material goods. In our minds this is directly linked to money. Ask anyone if you can live without money. They will tell you that you can’t. This is not true. You can’t live without food, water, air, love, sunshine, rain and all other things that are found on the earth freely. If any of these things would cease to be, then your life will be short or horrible. Without money, the earth will spin, crops will grow, water will flow, air is aplenty, love will grow because of the absence of a big portion of self-love, the sun shines, the rain falls and the earth will give freely. You won’t even know that it’s gone. Unless of course, you were rich. If you are rich then you have a big problem, because you will have a feeling of lacking everything. Your big house and fancy car will mean nothing, because the worth is brought down to a shelter and a vehicle. Rich people love money, that is why they have a lot of it. And they have a lot of it because they did not give it away. If you gave away everything that you owned out of love, then you wouldn’t be rich. Thus, rich people don’t love and loving people aren’t rich. There is a certain guilt that comes with being rich and it is rightly so, because being rich means that you did not give enough. You could argue that rich people love as well, but they don’t show it. And they can’t show it, because of the nature of love. I will get into this shortly. The rich modern world is rich because we pull towards ourselves, all the earthly goods. From far away and all across the globe we pull the richness towards ourselves and away from other countries. It is kind of like the ebb and flow caused by the moon. We, in the modern western society and the upcoming Chinese and Indian society, pull everything towards ourselves, like the moon pulling the water across the globe. This is collective self-love. We have to much! We can’t even eat all the food we have and buy all the TV’s that are in the stores. The food is thrown out, more than 30% in the Netherlands, where I am from. When a ‘new’ kind of TV comes in stores, the old ones are discarded. Shipped off to villages in Asia, where they are pulled apart under horrible circumstances. They live in disease, filth and bits of metal and plastic, because we don’t want to watch TV on a broad screen. It must be a LCD, no! A Plasma, HD-ready, Full-HD, Ultra-HD… Who are we kidding? We pull and pull and consume and consume and all because we are hungry and can never have enough. We are hungry for love, but all we get is self-love.

What is the nature of love?

Love is giving. It is the opposite of pulling towards yourself and you love and give, because you feel that someone is lacking that which you give. Love encompasses many things. Comforting a sad person, coming together after a fight, feeding the hungry, giving anything to those who are lacking. Love is righteousness. Love is good. Love is light in the darkness. Warmth in the cold. Love is what you need. But love always means sacrifice. That is the nature of love. If you give something in order to receive something in return, then it’s not love. That is self-love in a mask. That is hidden egotism and traders and merchants are very good at this. They are trained in clothing their self-interest or self-love like it is something that you need and want. Like they love you. Commercials especially serve this purpose. Everyone in modern society knows the car commercial, where the people are looking at the car and going ‘wow!’ This is telling you need this car, because everyone will think your cool. They will love you. See, it is in YOUR interest that you want this car. And because we love you, we are even going to give you a special discount if you come in today! That has the appearance of love, albeit a very poor one. Most people know that it is self-love why merchants produce these video clips and they are only interested in your money. And yet, you might just want to be found cool. Don’t fall for the fake love, it is the most silly thing you will ever do. It will leave you empty and hollow as soon as you realize that your neighbors and friends don’t really care what kind of car you drive, what phone you have or how big your bank account is. They are far too busy trying to look cool and attractive themselves to notice. In a world where everyone loves themselves, love is dead and gone. No-one will do anything out of the kindness of their hearts, but will want to get paid. Love is always sacrifice and that is why the rich are so bad at it. If I only have 1 coin and I give 1 coin away, I have given 100% of what I had. I cannot give anymore and I can’t buy anything to feed or clothe myself. That is a sacrifice. If I have 100.000 coins and I give 1 away, I’ll have given 0.0001% of what I have. I have plenty left and with that I’ll serve myself. No sacrifice, no sweat of my brow and no worry on my mind and no love to show for it. For a rich human to show true love, they will have to give 100% of what they are worth and they just can’t do it. They might want to, but they quickly realize that it will make them poor. And they don’t want that. No, expect no love from the rich, but don’t hate them for it. It’s their fear of being poor and fear of ‘what will the neighbors think?’ and in some ways it is how anyone acts, who lives in modern day society. That means that judging them for this, is judging yourself for this, because we all do the same thing. We are all afraid of being poor and about the opinions of the friends and loved ones around us. But ‘loved ones’ gets a strange taste to it.

What is money?

Money is a means of trade. I get this a lot. I will try and tell you the story of money so you won’t fall asleep. The entire thing is very long and boring. Quick version: Gold, IOU, paper money, loans, debt, more debt and more debt. All new money is digitally created out of thin air by way of loans. It used to be a tenth of the money the bank actually has, but that’s different in every country now. It has nothing to do with gold anymore, those days are long gone. As for trade, most trade is at the stock market and that is more like gambling than anything else. That’s it as for as money as a means of trade. Money is also a means of motivation. A means of control. Because people believe they need money, they will do a lot of weird stuff to get it and to keep it. If you want someone to do something silly, dangerous or dirty for you. Just pay them a lot of money. They will think that they earn freedom, because of the amount of money they can now spend, not realizing that they gave up their freedom, doing the job in the first place. That’s how the rich stay on top and the workers at the bottom. Rich people pay the poor. But not out of love, but out of law. The law says that workers must be paid. No slavery is allowed. Slavery isn’t needed anymore, because you have all these poor people dying for a coin to make ends meet. They’ll do anything for the right amount. The illusion that the worth is in the money keeps people from being disgruntled, while the rich man gets richer of the produce. The rich man runs the risks, you say? Not so. Risks are spread and when one company should fall, others take over the gab. The rich man gets a golden handshake farewell and some workers may lose their jobs, but no real harm is done. The harm is working a dead end job for 30 years and get fired. That hurts a humans pride, thinking their effort went unnoticed, which in fact it did! They mistook money for love and care, but it’s not. Money is not love. It will wear the mask of love, while being the exact opposite. Self-love